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That's great, but WTF is sNEWSi?
The Flight Attendant star chats about her new book, My First Popsicle, and admits that she believed in Santa way too long. [Read More]
The former Spice Girl says she's the late night comic "hasn't been very nice" to his crew members. [Read More]
The redditors previously devoted to the artist now known as Ye have started apologizing to Taylor Swift. [Read More]
The "Good Morning America" co-hosts are receiving a level of support heretofore unfathomable for potential cheaters. [Read More]
The Good Morning America co-hosts are receiving a level of support heretofore unfathomable for potential cheaters. [Read More]
The rapper, who hasn't put out a hit in over a decade, said women like Cardi B will become irrelevant by the end of May... [Read More]
The "it wasn't my intention" sort-of sorry comes nearly two weeks after backlash erupted over the photos. [Read More]
"She may regret the transactional sex, but regret is far from rape," one said in closing arguments after having tried to make her fake an... [Read More]
Republican lawmakers are no longer just saying kids are "too young" to transition—they're saying trans people shouldn't exist altogether. [Read More]
New York City Mayor Eric Adams wants to hire a "bloodthirsty" Rodent Mitigator, and I need a new reality competition to binge. Capiche? [Read More]
"Mr. Walker has been talking about issues that are of great importance to the people of Georgia—like whether it's better to be a vampire or... [Read More]
Recommendations for you—or for anyone on your gift list who shares this regrettable problem. [Read More]
The singer says the producer, whom she didn't name, recorded her songs "for free" as a favor, and then demanded she shower with him or... [Read More]
The Pregnant Women in Custody Act bans prisons from putting incarcerated pregnant people in their third trimester in the hole, among other abuses. [Read More]
My goth Chicana could turn out to be a fellow traveler in Season 2 of Netflix's Wednesday, but let's at least give her some interesting... [Read More]
Greenberg has been cooperating with the FBI in its sex trafficking investigation into Gaetz, whom he says paid to transport a teen girl out of... [Read More]
It only took 55 days and the rapper literally saying "I love the Nazis" for the GOP to draw the line. [Read More]
Jezebel spoke with Paulino, whose character, Lila, doles out the female gaze and grapples with becoming an authority figure in Season 2. [Read More]
Cheryl Parsa, who dated Walker for five years, told the Daily Beast that Walker and his therapist blamed the violence on his dissociative identity disorder. [Read More]
The newly engaged couple wants you to see what their faces, that diamond, and those balayage braids look like in front of various types of... [Read More]
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