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The government is reportedly considering a measure to force social media companies to ban misogyny online as a part of the Online Safety Bill. [Read More]
Less than one third of teachers walked out of their classrooms this week as the vast majority of schools remaining open to some extent. [Read More]
At a cost of over £1.3 million per year, Britain's tax collecting agency is reportedly employing some 22 full-time diversity officers. [Read More]
Germany is reportedly considering diverting green agenda cash aimed at reducing coal power to the defence industry, amid the war in Ukraine. [Read More]
German grocery chain Lidl will seek to reduce the amount of meat products sold in its stores in favour of "alternative" protein sources. [Read More]
No evidence Moscow was involved in the suspected sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines has been found yet, a German investigator has admitted. [Read More]
The British military's supply of ammunition would run dry in just one day in a direct engagement with Russia, a former top general has warned. [Read More]
The New York City-born former Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson has said that he would not rule out a potential bid for the... [Read More]
A failed Iranian asylum seeker has escaped a prison sentence by being sent to a mental health hospital after killing a British grandmother. [Read More]
The average British child begins consuming harmful pornography online at the age of 13 while ten per cent start watching at the age of nine. [Read More]
British Gas employed debt collecting contractors who broke into the homes of vulnerable people to install prepayment meters. [Read More]
Reform UK called for an end to foreign ownership of Britain's utility firms to prevent the taxpayer from being continuing to be "ripped off". [Read More]
The UK government told local councils to crack down on people using wood-burning stoves with fines of £300 or potential criminal prosecutions. [Read More]
The UK government reportedly handed out nearly £160 million directly to alleged asylum seekers through a debit card payment system. [Read More]
The UK's domestic security service, MI5, has been found to have illegally retained private data of citizens for nearly half a decade. [Read More]
The Russian invasion of Ukraine may not have happened without Brexit, top Eurocrat Guy Verhofstadt claimed on Tuesday. [Read More]
Women should be open to being conscripted into the military in light of the threat posed by Russia, Denmark's defence minister said. [Read More]
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