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A UFO was spotted during Putin's Volgograd visit to mark the anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad on Thursday as the president spoke of the... [Read More]
Moscow today reported an attack on its border city of Belgorod, hit by shelling, just days after Putin reportedly asked his Defence Ministry to focus... [Read More]
When Mikhail Lyubimov, 25, returned to his mother's Moscow flat last month, he was a very different man from the one who'd gone to war.... [Read More]
The unmanned Marker 'robotic combat systems' are armed with 7.62mm machine guns and anti-tank missiles. They can also be used to carry and control military... [Read More]
Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that Russia was being threatened by German tanks, like during World War Two, speaking at an event marking the... [Read More]
The mammoth security operation indicated Russia's fears that Putin could face an assassination attempt amid the war with Ukraine. [Read More]
Alicia Day, 34, was held by Russian police for 'violation of the established procedure for holding an assembly, rally, demonstration, march or picketing'. [Read More]
Armed officers handcuffed Olesya Ovchinnikova and her husband Alexey Ovchinnikov, forcing them to the floor in the Krasnodar restaurant. [Read More]
Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin was seen in a video at a special training ground for his private paramilitary fighters in the village of Molkino in... [Read More]
Alexander Rutskoy, a former Soviet general, accused Putin of 'senselessly' killing tens of thousands of Russian soliders who have been used as cannon fodder in... [Read More]
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