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The Biden administration's recent climate provisions in the so called "Inflation Reduction Act" do nothing in the slightest to address the pollution and greenhouse gas... [Read More]
Because the Inflation Reduction Act, the small-business owner can save more money and take advantage of some its benefits and tax credits. [Read More]
All legislation involves negotiation and compromise, often leaving everyone somewhat dissatisfied because they didn't get exactly what they wanted. That is certainly the case with... [Read More]
Financial Advisor Maggie Johndrow breaks down inflation and student loan forgiveness. [Read More]
Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, no one on Medicare will have to pay more than $2,000 a year for prescription drugs. But every Republican,... [Read More]
President Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) into law on Aug. 16, calling it "the most aggressive action ever" to confront... [Read More]
Senate candidate Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla., made time to praise the Inflation Reduction Act Wednesday while discussing Hurricane Ian during an appearance on "All In... [Read More]
Inflation Reduction Act Will Improve Benefits, Lower Health Care Costs for Millions of Americans with Medicare Part D... [Read More]
ALPS Clean Energy ETF (ACES) topped the list of the best-performing U.S. equity ETFs in Q3, gaining about 11%. The rally was driven by the... [Read More]
House Republicans have released a draft bill that would halt the nearly $50 billion funding boost for Internal Revenue Service (IRS) enforcement in the "Inflation... [Read More]
The landmark Inflation Reduction Act, enacted last month, is simultaneously the most significant U.S. climate legislation and not nearly enough to put the issue to... [Read More]
South Korean officials have established a "bilateral engagement channel" with U.S. counterparts to resolve issues stemming from the Inflation Reduction Act. [Read More]
Columnists write lobbying has helped lead to passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, but to keep progressing, people must vote. [Read More]
A group of House Republicans is pushing a bill that would scrap the IRS funding contained in the dubiously titled "Inflation Reduction Act" and instead... [Read More]
Joe Manchin took a chance. He signed off on the partisan Inflation Reduction Act, and even appeared with President Joe Biden at the bill signing... [Read More]
A prominent climate thinker says that the Inflation Reduction Act will disproportionately harm some of the poorest Americans. [Read More]
OPINION: "We've seen recent support for the funding of a more realistic transition to clean energy, as evidenced by the Inflation Reduction Act; however, Americans,... [Read More]
Right now, Congress is deciding whether or not to pass legislation that would make it easier to jumpstart new fossil fuel projects. This comes off... [Read More]
The state will benefit from the Inflation Reduction Act, in the form of high-paying, in-demand jobs. [Read More]
West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin sold his vote to pass the Ignorance Is Strength a/k/a Inflation Reduction Act to Chuck Schumer in exchange for Senate... [Read More]
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