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Rapper Kanye West has been banned from Twitter, yet again, after posting an altered image of the Star of David with a swastika inside. [Read More]
Anti-Semitic attacks on the Jewish community are back in the spotlight after concerning comments by Kanye West. Some fear that his recent actions online and... [Read More]
Kanye West's subreddit fan page has re-focused on the Holocaust and Taylor Swift appreciation following his antisemitic remarks on InfoWars. [Read More]
Kim Kardashian is in a celebratory mood after finalizing her divorce from Kanye West this week! The 42-year-old television personality joined a bunch of celebrities... [Read More]
Kim Kardashian hit up a party in Miami two days after finalizing her divorce from Kanye West. See photos of her with Karlie Kloss and... [Read More]
Twitter suspended Kanye West after more antisemitic posts. But researchers find hate speech on Twitter has spiked since Elon Musk took it over. [Read More]
Kanye West has burned even more bridges, this time with many of his Reddit stans. As you've likely seen, the 45-year-old rapper's fanbase has remained... [Read More]
Former Donald Trump aide Karen Giorno is speaking out about the notorious dinner at Mar-a-Lago with Kanye West and white supremacist Nick Fuentes. [Read More]
Kanye West claims he once "caught" his ex-wife Kim Kardashian with NBA player Chris Paul. [Read More]
As Kanye West steadily loses supporters for hate speech he's been spewing on multiple platforms, a UK tattoo studio is lending a helping hand to former... [Read More]
The swastika that the rapper tweeted ties a nasty little bow on the his ever-expanding collection of disturbing ideas. [Read More]
The rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, has once again been suspended from Twitter after he tweeted a photo of a swastika.   Meanwhile,... [Read More]
"Kanye. Elon. Trump." read a tweet from @JudiciaryGOP, which remained on the site for weeks as West made increasingly anti-Semitic statements. [Read More]
The rapper formerly known as Kanye West was suspended, again, from Twitter in early December 2022. [Read More]
President Joe Biden, reacting after the latest station in Kanye West's dolorous journey, explained that Hitler was bad and the Holocaust was real and chided... [Read More]
A trusted member of Donald Trump's inner circle is sharing new details about that infamous Nov. 22 dinner between the former president, rapper Kanye "Ye" West... [Read More]
Those Kim Kardashian cheating accusations are getting shut down! ICYMI, before Kanye West was suspended from Twitter again for posting a picture of a swastika... [Read More]
It doesn't get much worse than this. [Read More]
Kanye can never recover from legitimizing and palling around with people who believe his children are inferior beings. [Read More]
For Elon Musk, it was a swastika. [Read More]
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