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New technologies are changing the balance of power and penetrating what should have been impregnable counter measures... [Read More]
A Russian court ruled a few months ago that Meta had engaged in quote, "extremist activity." While the court decision included Facebook and Instagram, Whatsapp... [Read More]
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky compared Russia's invasion of Ukraine to the man-made famine that caused millions of deaths in the country in the 1930s under... [Read More]
Britain's military intelligence says Moscow is likely using the ancient weapons in the hope of diverting Ukrainian air defences... [Read More]
Russian forces are striking Ukraine with Cold War-era nuclear missiles – with the warheads removed, crucially – according to UK intelligence. [Read More]
Professor Sir Geoffrey Nice KC has said 'there are real risks of it subcontracting out' internationally... [Read More]
One of Russia's most prominent nationalist politicians said the Russian... [Read More]
Fleeing shelling, hundreds of civilians on Saturday streamed out of the southern Ukrainian city whose recapture they had celebrated just weeks earlier. The exodus came... [Read More]
Western leaders have "misplaced optimism" in their ability to defeat Russia and oust Vladimir Putin from power, a German MEP said. [Read More]
Vladimir Makei, 64, was seen as the only main channel of communication to the West in dictator Alexander Lukashenko's hardline pro-Russia regime. - he died... [Read More]
The Eaubonne bulk carrier ship docks in the port of Mombasa, Kenya Saturday, Nov. 26, 2022. The vessel arrived with 53,300 tons of wheat for... [Read More]
Early season merrymakers sipping mulled wine and shopping for holiday decorations packed the Verona Christmas market for its inaugural weekend, but beyond the wooden market... [Read More]
Diplomats have condemned American attacks on a bill banning "propaganda" related to "non traditional lifestyles." [Read More]
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, left, Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, center, and Hungarian President Katalin Novak talk during "The inaugural International Summit of the initiative... [Read More]
Speculation is swirling in Russia that Vladimir Putin will soon demand a massive new mobilization drive in a desperate effort to halt calamitous defeats... [Read More]
The suspected improvisation demonstrates how depleted Russia's stocks of long-range missiles are, UK's defense ministry said. [Read More]
Transgender and non-binary people in Russia have faced rising harassment and physical abuse since the start of the war in Ukraine, activists say, as the... [Read More]
Ukraine is still working to restore power in many regions after Russia fired a deadly barrage of missiles at critical infrastructure earlier this week. Follow... [Read More]
Ukraine holds memorial day for the victims of the 'Holodomor' famine when Josef Stalin was Russia's leader. Millions of Ukrainians starved to death after Russian... [Read More]
U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink on the hot seat.  In the biggest diplomatic assignment of her career, she's in the middle of a war... [Read More]
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