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Approximately a month ago, I was told by a reliable source that executive sessions by Indiana County Commissioners were being held regarding a local ordinance... [Read More]
We Americans have parsed the Second Amendment over and over, only to determine it doesn't really mean what it says in its entirety. So much... [Read More]
A leading advocate of the cause of a Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance for Indiana County insists that a draft of that ordinance has been considered... [Read More]
Rights can be considered to be individualistic or society-wide. The Founding Fathers, understanding that individual rights don't actually lead to freedoms, wrote the Bill of... [Read More]
The Supreme Court's landmark gun ruling this summer has given conservative states new ammunition against the Biden administration in a legal challenge over its ban... [Read More]
In response to your newsletter of July 1, which states that the Second Amendment was explicitly designed to protect a " 'God-given' right of keeping... [Read More]
The Sons of Liberty of North Dakota's mission is to uphold the right to bear arms and to preserve their rights as citizens of the... [Read More]
◀Previous Post Next Post Coming Soon...▶ The problem with outlandish threats against law-abiding gun owners is they get repeated. That's especially true when gun control... [Read More]
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